Hi, my name is Samuel Tosin
I'm a Fullstack Developer.

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My full name is Ogedengbe Tosin Samuel, I'm a fullstack developer. My skills at the moment are HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, Javascript, Git and Github, NodeJS, ExpressJs, ReactJs, PostGreSQl and can also work with the terminal with ease.

I'm 19 years of age and happens to know few things about technology 😀

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Face detection app

A simple image recognition app built with React,Nodejs+Expressjs with Postgresql database all hosted by Heroku.

See Live Source Code


A simple App built with React.js!

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Dogs' Club

A startup page coded with HTML5,CSS and bootstrap JS and layout!

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Background Generator

Project that helps the user testing different colors for linear-gradients, coded with html,css and javascript.

See Live Source Code


Project coded with Bootstrap and css

See Live Source Code